Where did the time go??? This our 13th year of advocating and reducing funeral costs since 2002!

It seems like only yesterday that we lost our dear brother in law Geoge in 2001. This monumental occasion started us on a path to learn what the funeral industry is about, and to overcome my own lack of knowledge of death matters. Because my wife and I feel so strongly about this issue, we have made it our life mission to improve the “funeral IQ” of those nearest and dearest, as well as those numerous people we have crossed paths with.

Along the way, we have encountered just down right good funeral industry people, as well as the bad. We have given seminars, influenced legislation, and conversed with people from New York to California, Montana to Texas. But most importantly, we have spent much time with countless families during the time of loss, including sadly, today.

Thank you for your support, it has been an amazing journey.

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